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Code Black - Bomb Threat

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A.To establish a process for responding to bomb threats received at this facility and for notification of appropriate staff.   

A.The safety of patients, visitors, and hospital staff are the primary concerns.  All efforts to locate and dispose of a potential bomb will be coordinated by Administration with representatives of Sheridan Police Department and the Sheridan Fire Department.


A.Receipt of Initial Call:

1.Get all possible information concerning the time, place and other factors concerning the bomb.  Ask the caller to explain “Why” the bomb was placed.  Complete a “Bomb Threat Record”.

2.Notify the front desk of the bomb threat.  Provide Administration with the “Bomb Threat Record” and/or all information known concerning the bomb.

3.The authorization for the switchboard operator to institute the “CODE BLACK” procedure will be made by the Nursing Supervisor during the weekends or irregular work hours.

4.The switchboard operator shall page “CODE BLACK IS NOW IN EFFECT” three (3) times, wait approximately two (2) minutes, and repeat the above announcement.

5.The Nursing Supervisor shall access the 911 system and inform both the Sheridan Police Department and the Sheridan Fire Department of the bomb threat.

B.Immediate Actions:

1.All departments shall close all open doors and windows.

2.Telephone use shall be limited to necessary call only.

3.Each department shall perform a cursory search of its area, looking for any unusual packages or items.  If any are found, they are not to be touched or closely examined.  Evacuate all staff and isolate the item by closing the door and report all such packages or items to the Incident Commander as established under HICS.  A Code Black Area Search Form will be filled out and given to the person in Command.

4.Every effort shall be made not to alarm either patients or visitors.

C.Command and Control:

1.If the bomb threat occurs during regular business hours, the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or designee will assume the Incident Commander role.   If the bomb threat occurs during weekends, evenings, or nights, the Nursing Supervisor will be in charge until members of the Administrative staff arrive at the hospital.  Until the Police and Fire Departments arrive, the Incident Command Center will be in the Supervisor’s Office.

2.Upon the arrival of the Police and Fire Departments, the ranking Fire Department officer and the ranking Police Department officer on scene shall assume control, and shall work cooperatively with the Incident Commander.  The Command Center will be determined once the Police and Fire Department ranking officers arrive and assess where the potential bomb was placed, if known.

3.All further actions will be taken at the direction of the Fire Officer and Police Officer in charge.


1.When deemed appropriate, the Incident Commander shall authorize the switchboard operator to cancel the “CODE BLACK”.  The switchboard operator shall page, “CODE BLACK CANCELLED” three (3) times, wait approximately two (2) minutes, and repeat the above announcement.

E.Bomb Threat Record, Attachment A
F.Code Black Area Search Form, Form #1001474

A.All Departments

A.Joint Commission Standards 

A.Safety Committee, September 28, 2005

A.All Departments